popcorn vs knockdown ceiling

Just. Say. NO! - What Would We Do Wednesday

Look up right now. Go ahead, we'll wait. What do you see on the ceiling above you? Is it THIS?

Unless your home was built after 2000, and even maybe then, you likely have popcorn on your ceiling. Ok so not the yummy goodness you see above. But rather this...

I would venture a fair bet that over 80% of homes in the United States have popcorn textured ceilings. It was all the rage on ceilings for, well, almost forever. But it's something that has FINALLY fallen out of style and NO you don't have to just deal with it. 

So what would we do? What can be done? Simple. That stuff comes off! Now, with that said, it's typically a huge mess and quite honestly it's not that fun to do. You have to start by putting down a ton of plastic sheeting to catch the stuff. You'll also want to make sure an wear eye and face protection, you do not want to breathe or eat it. Just because it's called popcorn doesn't mean it's good!

The actual removal isn't too difficult. You'll need a spray bottle filled with water and a flat blade or some kind like a floor scraper or mudding trowel. Spray the texture area you want to remove, give it a minute or so and then use the flat leading edge to scrape it away. Be mindful of sheetrock joints and other places the scraper could catch.

What do do after removing the popcorn? Well the easiest option would be what we call a knockdown finish. So people will call it an orange peel finish. Here's the look:

All of our new ceiling installations have a knockdown finish unless otherwise noted. Of course the other option would be the smooth finish, the same as what's done on walls. It's a very clean and crisp look, needless to say, but it is more time consuming to install and therefore more expensive on the pocketbook.

So if you're tired of seeing popcorn everywhere you go give us a shout, we have a great group of guys dedicated to helping us help you remove popcorn from your home. Remember, edible popcorn good...ceiling popcorn bad.