What Would We Do Wednesday - Counter that top...

I would venture to say that unless you skipped out on college dorm life or living in an apartment at some time, you likely spent at least a year looking at a countertop like the one pictured above. Hopefully you aren't looking in to your kitchen right now and seeing a similar sight.

So what's this week's WWWDW about? Countertop options! You don't have to live with a funky countertop in your kitchen or other portion of your house. Here's the good news. There are TONS of options for new countertops, and I mean tons!

Check out this short list of granite options!

Alot of people like to be fairly neutral on countertop options, and it does make sense to do that. However, there is no reason why you couldn't go for a bright or exotic option. There are so many color options in natural stone and even some off the wall colors in man made stone. You don't have to be limited.

You also do not have to be limited by a stone countertop. The more modern design above is utilizing polished stainless steel for a very cool and clean look. 

There are pros and cons to all countertop surfaces, granite, stainless steel, marble, formica and many other materials. Each have different properties, different weaknesses and strong points. And of course they are going to vary in expense at a cost per foot installation as well.