What Would We Do Wednesday

KC Home Solutions - What Would We Do Wednesday

Each Wednesday we are going to highlight a project, big or small, and talk through what we did and why we did it. We are calling it, "What Would We Do Wednesday." We hope that by giving you some insight to our projects you will be able to keep your eyes open for potential issues in your own home. If you come to us for your solution that's great, if not, at least you have made a necessary repair!

The customer contacted us because they had an obvious problem with the door jam on their front door. There were a few issues. First and foremost, the wood rot in the jam. Over time even painted wood can crack and weather, allowing water to penetrate and degrade the wood. In this instance, the rot had gotten to the point where it was allowing insects access to the home. There was also a weather issue as it was allowing for a significant air draft as well as additional water during rain events. Additionally, the threshold wasn't secure and was causing a tripping hazard.

Options available to the client were as follows. Complete replacement of the jam, threshold, door and lock set. Replacement of the jam and threshold, retaining the existing door and lock set. 

They choose to replace the jam and threshold while keeping the existing door and lock set. This option provided a cost savings to the home owner. The door now seats and shuts properly. There is no longer a draft in to the home making it secure, stopping insects and weather from getting in to the house. Visitors can also come and go through the front door without concern of tripping.

As you walk around the exterior of your home you can check for wood rot. It tends to show most where water last touches a surface and then drips off. This would be at the base of windows and door frames, the base around the bottom of wood siding, near corners of the roof where water drains and near gutter connection points. If you can take a long nail or sharp object and easily push it in to a wood surface (painted or not), that can be a sign of wood rot that needs attention.