Top Gun

The BEST part of working with KC Home Solutions

We can't imagine that there is a company out there that doesn't believe that they are the best at what they do. It doesn't matter if you are selling Kool-Aid powder, motivational posters or are a general contractor like us. If you don't think your company is, as the meme above mentions, "the best of the best," you likely won't be in business long.

So why use KC Home Solutions instead of the other guys out there? What sets us apart from all of the other contractors? Well, we like to think that our size makes a difference. Meaning, we aren't a huge company. You will literally meet everyone on our staff throughout your project. Most of our business comes from referral, which we greatly appreciate. We value communication and being there for our clients when they have questions. We also value flexibility with projects. Things can change, ideas pop up, needs may be altered mid project. It is your project, not ours, we want what you want.  

Another place that helps spread the word of KCHS is Angie's List. You may remember that we won not one but THREE Super Service Awards from Angie's List in 2014.

May not be the actual Super Service Award trophies won. We may not have received trophies at all from Angie's List. The awards we won are real though!

If you get the chance to meet our staff, leadership or team members, we like to laugh. At the same time we take all projects, from estimate to completion 100% serious. We certainly hope that you'll get a chance to meet us, we would love to meet you! Oh and don't worry, we probably won't play volleyball in your back yard...probably.