There's no I in KC Home Solutions! Ok, so there is. Well there certainly isn't an I in TEAM. Unless of course you believe that there's an I hidden the A in all gets confusing without pictures.

I get the feeling that you are reading this and starting to wonder, "what's the point?" Well here is the point. KC Home Solutions is the definition of team. If you look up the word team on you'll actually find a picture of our logo! (That may not be true, I haven't looked today, it could be true!) We are small company in regards to a lot of big general contractors in the Kansas City metro area. All told there are 6 full-time employees and a couple other part-time team members. But what makes us great (in our humble opinion) is that we all help out each other as we can. No one person is too big or too small to do a task.

I can tell you're looking for an example. How about this? The President of our company is basically our go-to framer. Our Project Manager just last week was helping with a punch list to finish a project. We could go on and on. The point is that we work better when helping each other out. We would do that for you too! We don't want anyone to ever feel that there is a question they can't ask anyone on our staff. If one person doesn't know the answer, another likely will. Every project won't go off without a hiccup, but it doesn't mean we won't try to make it work out that way!