What Would We Do Wednesday - Pinterest Edition

You want to hear something that I never thought I would stay. I like Pinterest. There, it's out in the open and on the internet and therefore cannot be taken back. No seriously, it's true. I like it. I feel that most people (guys) think that it is for girls to get hair ideas, or what kind of dried out flowers to use for potpourri, or maybe how to design cupcake frosting, stuff like that. It's SO MUCH more than that. We at KC Home Solutions want to officially apologize to Pinterest, ok, so not so much KCHS as the individual writing this. KCHS has had a Pinterest account for a while...anyway.

So why the sudden change of opinion? Well, simply put, it has allowed us to become better at our job. Particularly it has allowed us to be able to crawl into the mind of a client and see exactly what they are trying to describe before we even start a project. Plus, well, there are so many great design ideas out there how can you not enjoy the website. Check out a few things we have pinned.

I'm still waiting for someone to request that we build them this shower. Any takers?

Ignore the decor. We would love to see someone go with a design similar to this full wall window. Probably needs to be a shaded and secluded side of the house, but how cool!

The golfer in us really want to see this basement come to life! Of course you may have visitors in your basement all the time, particularly us.

There are so many great ideas, from small design options to full remodels like the pictures above. To not use Pinterest to get an idea or inspiration is like not using a cell phone, it just makes things easier.

Feel free to follow us on Pinterest. We do our best to update our various boards when we come across cool things we see. We also want to follow you, so if we aren't, well tell us! The more ideas going around the better.