What about this?

It's a pretty safe bet that sometime in your life you may have had an evening or two that went something like the picture above. One of the things about working with KC Home Solutions is that you're not going to be alone at any time throughout your project. That really is one of the best aspects of working with us...if you ask us...and clearly you did. 

Here's the thing. You've likely already come to a decision that you are going to go ahead with your project. You've also likely come up with basically 99% of what you want to do in regards to design and whatnot. The thing is, that final 1% could be the trickiest final hurdle to overcome...or it may not. 

This evening we had a pre-construction meeting with a client who is less than 1 month away from starting their basement finish. The client had basically every detailed lined up and knew what they wanted before even contacting us. But, as with a lot of projects, once coming to a decision to work with us (thanks for that in case we hadn't already made that clear) new ideas pop up. Questions arise. And you know what? That's awesome! 

You will never hear us say, please don't call us with another question. We also don't want you to ever think that you should apologize for emailing or calling us with a question. That's what we are here for! Bounce ideas off us. Ask us what other clients have done. In the end we want you to be 100% on board with your decision or design. We would rather you push a project back a week or two in order to make the best decision for you. 

We didn't get in to this line of work to make us happy. We got in this line of work to make YOU happy! In return we get satisfaction in seeing YOUR dream become a reality, we just helped make it happen. So ask away, don't ever think you can't. Okay?