Estimate vs Estimate - KC Home Solutions vs The other guys

From time to time we'll go to a home and talk with a potential customer. Generally speaking, one of the questions that comes up will be the difference between us and other general contractors in our processes and how we do things. Recently though we have had a few estimates approved (thanks for that) and we try to find out what we did that helped us earn the business. Here are a few of the answers we got the last several times.

1) "We choose KC Home Solutions because your estimates were detailed." This has actually been something that we have heard as a negative on a couple of follow-ups as well. So how can it be a positive AND a negative? Well we line item nearly every aspect of the job. In our experience most people like the idea of knowing what they are getting for their money. Because of that reason we will continue to go that route. The negative? Some people have expressed that they were overwhelmed with information and found our bid confusing.

Keep this in mind, if you get a bid from us and you have questions, you can always ask us. Want us to eliminate something, maybe you changed your mind, no problem, just let us know. Give us an opportunity to make our bid exactly what you are looking for. We may still not be in your price range for whatever reason, and that's ok, give us a chance to adjust as necessary and there will definitely be no hard feelings on our end if you go another direction.

2) "You guys don't have any hidden fees, the other guys do." This is one that we were surprised to hear about. One shocker on our end was a customer telling us that a previous contractor made them purchase everything for the work to be done. For example, barn doors. The GC told the customer what they needed them to order (exact door size, hardware, etc), the client asked if the GC would order it as she didn't feel comfortable doing it. The GC told them they could order the barn doors for them but they would charge the client an additional 30% above the retail purchase price of the doors. Seriously. We couldn't believe it either. 

With KC Home Solutions if you want to purchase a light fixture and have us install it, no problem. If you want us to pick something out and have us purchase it, still not a problem. We'll build the cost of the light fixture in to the bid. We aren't going to add additional expenses on for doing it. We are about treating you the way we would want to be treated. 

3) "Permits? You guys pull permits?" 99% of all projects require permits from a respective city. What doesn't? Repairing a fence for example. What does require a permit? Well it can vary from location to location. But here's the deal. We pull permits because it protects everyone involved. You are assured that the electrical, plumbing. framing, insulation, fireblocking, etc is not only getting done but done correctly. A lot of contractors won't pull permits because they are time consuming and depending on the size of the project can be kind of costly. 

Once again, KC Home Solutions is not about cutting corners. Permits aren't fun, not going to lie, they can be a pain. But in the end it's not only the law in most cases, it's the right thing to do. 

Is there a question you have been itching to ask us? New home build? Basement needing finished? Master bath needing an update? Still rocking early 90's brass in your master bathroom? Whatever it is, give us an opportunity to earn your business and we think you may be surprised in the difference from the "other guys" and KC Home Solutions!

When Nature Calls...

So we had yet another KC Home Solutions first yesterday. I was at a home in Olathe when some not so fun weather rolled in to the Kansas City metro. Here's how everything played out, it's a fun story!

I'm talking with the homeowners in their master bathroom when both of their cell phones made the same sound at the same time. I had my cell phone on silent, otherwise mine would have made the same noise. It's the "uh, time to pay attention to the sky" sound. They both pulled their phones and read the text message, "severe weather threat in your area...TORNADO WARNING." I pulled my phone from my pocket and I had the same message. Funny, I thought, haven't heard the tornado sirens go off...moments later came that unmistakable sound that this small town Kansas kid grew up hearing each summer.

Down to the basement we all go (even though my 1st instinct is to go outside and look around). The TV is turned on in the basement and we are watching one of the local KC news stations. Not one. Not two but THREE tornado warnings end up being placed in Johnson County, and of course each warning gets its own siren by the City of Olathe. Oh and double-bonus for me, the track of one of the tornadoes is towards where I live. I was in the basement with the homeowners for about a half-hour waiting for the worst to clear past us. The boss was nice enough to check on me too! Once we felt it was safe enough we went back up to the master bathroom and I finished taking measurements and getting all the details we need to send an estimate.

In the end the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill, Missouri stated today that there were in fact 2 EF0 tornadoes in the Kansas City metro yesterday. Thankfully no one was hurt and there was only minor damage.

Moral of the story here? It doesn't matter if you are at home or work, take all severe weather threats seriously. This time we were able to laugh about it, next time we may not be as fortunate. Be safe out there everyone, we don't live in a place dubbed Tornado Alley by accident!

How to get an estimate for your project from KC Home Solutions

You have probably heard the phrase, "the first step is the most difficult" or a something similar. When it comes to getting a bid from KC Home Solutions, we make each step past the first the easiest of them all, well, next to sitting back and letting us do all the work. So what IS the process for getting a bid or estimate from us? Let's walk through it.

Step 1: Decide that you want to take on said project and get a basic idea of what you would like to accomplish

Step 2: Contact us using the Request A Quote tab on our website, call us or email us to let us know you would like us to visit your home to talk about your project

Step 3: Give us the details about your project during an in-home visit from a KCHS representative

Step 4: Get a custom bid/proposal from us following your in-home visit

Step 5: Accept the bid/proposal

See, now that wasn't as difficult as you thought it was going to be was it? You'll likely spend more time deciding to start the project than it does to go through steps 2 to 5. If you are ready for step 2 let us know, we would love the chance to earn your business!