Tax Dollars Wisely Spent?

We are by no means Realtors, this we know. That said, we work with a lot of them and do a fair bit of consultation with several in Kansas City. One of the questions they get asked alot, and us too, is what remodel will help your home gain resale value...which remodel can I get the best return on investment? We would still defer to the professionals in the real estate business, but here's what we hear the most from them.

Kitchen remodels, bathroom updates and additions and adding usable square footage such as a basement finish, or converting attic space.

If your kitchen is similar to the picture above you either love honey oak or you are living in a house built likely in the 80's to mid/late 90's. There's nothing wrong with that, but our market is loaded with kitchen's just. Like. Yours. A kitchen remodel is the most intrusive remodel that a homeowner can live through, it's also likely one of the most expensive remodels you can tackle in your home beyond a basement finish. All of that being said, according to experts, a kitchen remodel can often times bring nearly a complete return on investment in most situations. It's also one of the most obvious and "splashy" remodels you can do to any home, where families spend a vast majority of time.

Hopefully none of you are rocking the master bathroom pictured above. Sadly, some of you are. Sweet flower wallpaper, plastic faucet fixtures, there's that awesome honey oak again, not pictured but definitely there...the brass "Hollywood" light bar. Let's not glance past the carpet in the bathroom. Once again, nothing seriously wrong with this master bathroom, but in terms of resale or a place to wisely spend money on an update, this is your space. Fortunately, compared to the kitchen, the master bathroom remodel is an inconvenience for many, rather than a full on trip driving the struggle bus. An updated master bathroom is another spot that gets a lot of attention on the sale market and a good return on investment.

I previous mentioned bathroom addition. If you live in a house with only 1 bathroom and everyone around you has 2, then you're the low home on the totem pole. Finding space to add a bathroom would bring you up to equal of the rest of the homes in your area. Being equal may not sound that exciting, but in terms of resale valve and "comps" as the pros call them, you'll be doing yourself a long term favor.

One thing to keep in mind. Not everyone has the same budget or space for a particular remodel. Having a dream kitchen remodel is great, having an understanding of what it would cost to make that dream a reality is another thing all together. The above kitchen looks amazing to me, but when I look at it I see a lot of custom work. Custom work doesn't always bring a return on investment. Work with your contractor and talk with them about design and their understanding of the what they are seeing in remodeling of a particular space right now. In the end the final decision is yours, it's your home! Don't discount the experience and trends your contractor is seeing currently, long term, it could earn you money...

Get Dirty - What Would We Do Wednesday

Some people have the extra space, others don't, but a mudroom is a really cool space that most people aren't taking advantage of. This concept isn't new but the extra design and customization certainly is. Most home in the past had a simple bench, maybe a built in box-bench that you could put some things in. Now, well having extra full size storage is the trend, and it is a great trend in our opinion.

Of course, generally speaking, the main household is going to be the only one's utilizing the mud-room entrance but they are being built near the front of houses too now. Gone is the day that the front entry is reserved for a grandiose open space. 

Maybe it's the athlete in me, but I really enjoy the above picture. It looks like a rustic old locker room set up, almost country club golf-ish in a way. The extra light coming from the outside and the soft wall color and white trim balance the rich wood stain very well.

The mudroom/laundry room is also gaining steam in the design world. The tile floor allows for easy cleaning and dumping snowy shoes or muddy boots. Having the washer and dryer right there makes for easy access and convenience. 

Don't limit your home to traditional use. Be creative, see the possibilities and give us a chance to help bring your vision to life. So, who's ready to get dirty?!

WWWDW - Tile in Style

We aren't going to say that we couldn't do the above tile for you in your house, but we also are not going to lie and say our tile guys would love to do it either. Although we are fairly certain that they would like the challenge.

Tile can be one of the quickest ways to really change a room. Most people think of tile and automatically go to a backsplash in the kitchen or something in a bathroom. But more and more tile is being incorporated in other locations throughout the home. Don't get cornered in to the idea that you can only use tile where you'll be getting something wet. 

Stainless steel tile is trending on the popular side of decorating and design in homes currently. Pictured above 3x6 brushed stainless long grain metal tile in an alternating pattern. It's a very sleek and modern accent to just about any space, not just a kitchen as you see in this application.

The brushed stainless and polished glass accent in the picture above could look absolutely stunning as a trim piece or stand alone in several applications. Could you imagine trimming an accent window or running this in a 6 inch border though a shower or around a soaker tub?

Contemporary large tile floor and wall options are also trending up in design currently. As you can see above, minimizing the grout line and going with large gray's and dark colors on floors in living rooms is popular. The design is sleek and relatively easy to maintain for a long time.

The key is finding a color, design and pattern that you will be able to live with an enjoy every day. Keep in mind that carpet can be easy to pull up and replace, tile, while not permanent, is typically more expensive to install  but with the right care will last a long time. We love bringing your new ideas to our tile crew and our tile supplier as seems to have the newest trends and options.

What about this?

It's a pretty safe bet that sometime in your life you may have had an evening or two that went something like the picture above. One of the things about working with KC Home Solutions is that you're not going to be alone at any time throughout your project. That really is one of the best aspects of working with us...if you ask us...and clearly you did. 

Here's the thing. You've likely already come to a decision that you are going to go ahead with your project. You've also likely come up with basically 99% of what you want to do in regards to design and whatnot. The thing is, that final 1% could be the trickiest final hurdle to overcome...or it may not. 

This evening we had a pre-construction meeting with a client who is less than 1 month away from starting their basement finish. The client had basically every detailed lined up and knew what they wanted before even contacting us. But, as with a lot of projects, once coming to a decision to work with us (thanks for that in case we hadn't already made that clear) new ideas pop up. Questions arise. And you know what? That's awesome! 

You will never hear us say, please don't call us with another question. We also don't want you to ever think that you should apologize for emailing or calling us with a question. That's what we are here for! Bounce ideas off us. Ask us what other clients have done. In the end we want you to be 100% on board with your decision or design. We would rather you push a project back a week or two in order to make the best decision for you. 

We didn't get in to this line of work to make us happy. We got in this line of work to make YOU happy! In return we get satisfaction in seeing YOUR dream become a reality, we just helped make it happen. So ask away, don't ever think you can't. Okay? 

A Journey of Discovery

We mentioned it a little last Tuesday but today we want to give you more information. With the addition of our Interior Designer we have the ability to add another level of service to our clients. Our designer graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Interior Design. She has worked for a few different firms since graduation and has experience in virtually every aspect of home design. From kitchen remodeling to a complete addition and just about anything in between, she can work with anyone to help them pull out any concept they are looking for.

What are a few examples of things a client can request. Well a basic one dimension drawing like the picture above is a very basic way to start. She can also work and build a 2D drawing of a space based on your requested items and suggestions that can help you to visualize and see you project before work even begins.

Full design options for any scope of work can be requested. Call us to inquire about these options and the pricing associated with them. As we continue to grow we want to continue to become the company in Kansas City that provides the best options, best staff and best service...all under one roof!