What Would We Do Wednesday - Deck Edition

Decks are a great way to add outdoor living space to your home. There are many different options of materials and designs that someone could go with. From composite material to natural wood, stained to painted, rock features to built in kitchen spaces.

The picture above is a deck that we installed for a homeowner. They had an interesting problem. The original deck was very similar in design and they used composite materials. We were called because the composite material they used actually broke down and degraded. Fortunately, the manufacturer paid for a replacement cost of the material and we were able to come back in and rebuild the deck as necessary with natural cedar wood.

A picture of the old composite deck material. Some of the original composite materials were made of pressed and glued sawdust. Over time it broke down. If your composite deck looks like this you may have a warranty claim option with the manufacturer.

View underneath the decking. You can see the breakdown material and it running from rain. 

The rebuilt deck and pergola.

The rebuilt kitchen/grill space with natural stone top, sink and additional storage space.

We were glad that we could come in and help turn a problem in to a great solution and fix. This is a space that will be used for years and years to come, and with proper maintenance will stay beautiful for a long time. We love stuff like this!