Custom design

What Would We Do Wednesday - We can keep a secret

First off, we aren't working a remodel in the Oval Office...yet. Although we would likely have to charge some travel expenses if we got that bid. Trust me, if we got a bid to do work in at the White House you guys would already know. 

So why the quasi-hidden door? Because we are building a hidden room for a homeowner! Now, before you get all excited, we aren't going to tell you where it will be installed. However, if we get permission once it's completed, we'll get you some pictures. It will be a while. So what's it going to look like?

The concept is very similar to the picture above. The idea is that when the door is closed you will have no idea that it exists. If you do a google search for hidden rooms you'll see a lot of different concepts, and they are all really cool. There are many designs that can be incorporated and locations to install. We would love to hear your ideas!

If you are looking to get your hidden BatCave entrance built we can work that out, probably even have a hidden button is a statue on your desk just like in Wayne Manor. We promise, your secret identity is safe with us! If you don't mind we would love to get a ride in either the BatWing or Batmobile, either is good with us.

What Would We Do Wednesday - Trend Setting

It wouldn't be fair to say that we at KC Home Solutions are setting trends in design and residential construction, but it would be 100% accurate to say that we love helping people who want to be trend setters! We absolutely love when a client says that they want to do something that they found on Pinterest (check out our account and follow us please), or that they have an idea and want to know if we can do it. 

So what are we seeing and getting requests for recently? One would be an idea similar to the picture above. Dual purpose or multi-use garage design. We have had a few requests to enlarge garages recently, add custom upgrade cabinets for storage, one with a wet bar and always with great flooring. For those that like to entertain in many more places beyond just the back yard and basement.

Non-traditional kitchens with a TON of storage space are starting to become popular. People want to hide all of the appliances and remove the clutter that kitchens are known to have. These new designs are all about being functional and great livability. Entertaining is becoming much more of a "get people around the kitchen" and less about sitting around a couch and coffee table.

Under stairs storage options and custom reading nooks with lights are starting to trend upward in home remodeling ideas. There are so many different ways to arrange and set up various storage solutions from custom built in shelving, pull out drawers, and hidden options that only you would know about. Reading nooks can be great, especially if there is a way to include natural lighting options. 

From custom garages to reading nooks, run your ideas by us and we'll do whatever we can to make your dreams a reality. We look forward to hearing what you want to do!

A Journey of Discovery

We mentioned it a little last Tuesday but today we want to give you more information. With the addition of our Interior Designer we have the ability to add another level of service to our clients. Our designer graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Interior Design. She has worked for a few different firms since graduation and has experience in virtually every aspect of home design. From kitchen remodeling to a complete addition and just about anything in between, she can work with anyone to help them pull out any concept they are looking for.

What are a few examples of things a client can request. Well a basic one dimension drawing like the picture above is a very basic way to start. She can also work and build a 2D drawing of a space based on your requested items and suggestions that can help you to visualize and see you project before work even begins.

Full design options for any scope of work can be requested. Call us to inquire about these options and the pricing associated with them. As we continue to grow we want to continue to become the company in Kansas City that provides the best options, best staff and best service...all under one roof!

What Would We Do Wednesday - Egress Options

A very old and not to code egress window.

As a licensed contractor we are required to pull permits for nearly everything we do in just about every location in the Kansas City metro. One of the items we run in to quite a bit with basement finish estimates are egress window questions. Do I need one? Do I not need one. 

Johnson County, Kansas has several requirements for egress windows. They have a very nice PDF brochure HERE that gives a lot of great information. The brochure talks additionally about basement finishing and remodeling code and permit requirements. Riveting stuff, I'm sure you can't wait to read up on it!

What we wanted to give you for this week's WWWDW article were a couple of ideas that can make an egress window more than a large hole next to your foundation window. As long as you are following the code requirements, what the space looks like on the exterior of the home can be very attractive, assuming you don't want to simply look at simple metal frame and a French drain.

A large tiered landscape area. Allowing in abundant light and great use of treated lumber for many landscaping options.

Custom framing to allow more light with a decorative design around the window.

While the two options above are not installations that we have done specifically, we can certainly help to implement any idea that you may come up with. We love new challenges and we are always looking for great projects similar to these. 

Don't let your basement egress window bring you down. Codes are there to protect you and your family and make your home safer. We can follow the rules and still have fun doing it!