Code Enforcement

What Would We Do Wednesday - Egress Options

A very old and not to code egress window.

As a licensed contractor we are required to pull permits for nearly everything we do in just about every location in the Kansas City metro. One of the items we run in to quite a bit with basement finish estimates are egress window questions. Do I need one? Do I not need one. 

Johnson County, Kansas has several requirements for egress windows. They have a very nice PDF brochure HERE that gives a lot of great information. The brochure talks additionally about basement finishing and remodeling code and permit requirements. Riveting stuff, I'm sure you can't wait to read up on it!

What we wanted to give you for this week's WWWDW article were a couple of ideas that can make an egress window more than a large hole next to your foundation window. As long as you are following the code requirements, what the space looks like on the exterior of the home can be very attractive, assuming you don't want to simply look at simple metal frame and a French drain.

A large tiered landscape area. Allowing in abundant light and great use of treated lumber for many landscaping options.

Custom framing to allow more light with a decorative design around the window.

While the two options above are not installations that we have done specifically, we can certainly help to implement any idea that you may come up with. We love new challenges and we are always looking for great projects similar to these. 

Don't let your basement egress window bring you down. Codes are there to protect you and your family and make your home safer. We can follow the rules and still have fun doing it!