Bathroom Remodeling

What Would We Do Wednesday - Showered with Ideas

Does this picture look familiar? I'm pretty sure that the 1990's called and they would like their shower doors back. Brass was certainly a design trend in the late 80's and early 90's. Shower doors with sliders were the thing to do in new home construction and remodeling. I can't imagine that in ten or fifteen years we will look back on designs and wonder what the big deal was with "that" design. Anyone want to venture a guess what it will be? My vote would be "duck face" pictures...but that may not be relevant to this discussion.

So what's trending right now in the design world? That would be "Euro" glass showers. 

Frameless glass showers are very popular right now aka "Euro glass" designs and we have been getting quite a bit of requests for this option. Space in the shower will dictate options with this design. Pictured above is a shower with a nice 180 degree opening door with the previously mentioned frameless set up. But what if you don't have a whole lot of extra space, what options do you have?

Here's that option. The bathroom pictured is set up with an curbless shower floor extending all the way in to the bathroom, which looks fantastic. The vanity and tub are clearly a very modern design but they also take up quite a bit of space. So going with the sliding shower door on the left as well as the sliding door to the lavatory on the right is a trendy new option. It also allows you to maximize space in the bathroom. You don't have to be limited by your space if you can think out of the box. Don't be limited by old habits in bathroom trends!

W.I.P. (Work In Progress) - KC Home Solutions

We thought it would be fun to give you all an idea of what projects we have going right now. The boss likes to call it W I P, work in progress. Sometimes knowing where you are and what you have going can be a great way to help get an idea of what you can and cannot do. As you all know, it can be easy to over-extend yourself on projects, that certainly includes our industry. So what's our WIP? 

Here's the list of towns and projects going on currently in each one.

Kansas City, Missouri has three projects in process currently. The scope of work for each is nothing like the other. One project is a complete master bathroom remodel. We completely gutted the existing space and started over from scratch for this homeowner. One project is an office space/show room for a designer we use from time to time, her new location is being completed on The Plaza. The third project is a remodel of all three bathrooms in a home. 

Overland Park, Kansas has two projects in process currently. One is a complete basement finish from scratch. The other project started as a wood rot repair but ended up being nearly a complete rebuild of a large corner of the house. As we got in to start the repair we found that the home was significantly more damaged than what showed on the exterior. It was a surprise to the homeowner but doing the job correctly was the priority. As this project completes we'll pass along pictures.

Belton, Missouri has one project. This is also a complete basement finish. The basement is approximately 1,250 square feet. We look forward to being able to share the pictures of this finish with you guys.

Spring Hill, Kansas has one project. We are working on building a brand new home. The home is scheduled to start framing next week once the foundation clears code approval and the weather permits. Things are going to be moving quickly there and we are excited to share the phases of work with you.

Lastly we have a project in process in Prairie Village, Kansas. A homeowner contacted us a few weeks ago to take over their project when the ball was dropped by a previous contractor. Fortunately we have been able to help them out. The owners have a very modern design and are using really cool materials, we look forward to seeing this one finish so you all can check it out!  

Several of these projects are at or nearing completion. We have several that are in the process of getting started. We also have many bids out that are going to be hopefully accepted. It's a great time to be a part of KC Home Solutions and we are thankful for each and every person that choose us to be a part of their project(s)! 

KC Home Solutions - What Would We Do Wednesday (bathroom edition)

One of the coolest things about working for KC Home Solutions is that we get to see and hear about all of the trends in designs. We do our best to stay out in front of them as we can, but going to homes and hearing what customers want and their ideas can be really cool! 

The picture above reminds me of an estimate visit that we went to literally yesterday. The homeowner has a very small bathroom space and it is tucked in to an upstairs corner. Because of that the ceiling has a similar feel although a different angle. They are wanting to do a redesign of the space, making the room a touch larger. What I like about the above bathroom is the tile matched all the way around including the ceiling and the glass built in frame and door. Just proves that a small space doesn't mean that you have to settle for plain or ordinary.

Another trend that appears to be making a return is the dual fireplace between the master bathroom and bedroom. Can be both functional and artistic. I also really like the custom deep soaker tub and matching tile down the sides and walls. 

This last picture I wanted you to see is primarily for the flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring has become a request that we are now hearing a lot. It is completely waterproof and can provide the look of wood without the pain of upkeep. You can place this in any room and run it throughout the entire house to provide a seamless design look that ties the home together.