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KC Home Solutions - 2015 Review and 2016 Resolutions

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So today is the last day of 2015 and it's been a GREAT year for us...and we hope much of the Kansas City area! We thought it would be good to review a few things and make some 2016 resolutions. So here we go.


First and foremost, the Royals won the World Series! The Chiefs are in the NFL Playoffs and it's the first time they both have made the postseason the same year...EVER. 

We (KC Home Solutions) had our BEST year ever, setting records for total volume business...thanks to all of you! So what did we end up doing?

5 Kitchen remodels, 30+ master bathroom, basement and guest bathroom remodels, 22 basement finishes and 5 home additions and house builds! 

We also won the 2015 Angie's List Super Service Award in the categories of Basement Remodeling, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling and General Remodeling. That marks our 2nd year in a row to win those awards. Now we know what it feels like to be the Royals (they have won back-to-back American League Championships) it's the same, right? Enh, close. The boss probably won't buy us cool rings (bummer).

Can't wait to see the World Series Championship ring...we loved the 2014 AL Championship rings for the Royals!

Thanks to all our subcontractors and all of the people who work behind the scenes that you may never notice. That includes (in no particular order) All Dimensions Flooring, Central States Tile, KC Wood, Kitchen & Bath by Briggs, McCray Lumber, Petty Products, Stillwell Heating & Cooling, DWG Drywall, Teague Electric, HP Tile, LRW Plumbing, Ferguson Plumbing Supplies and everyone involved with all these great companies.


Well I HOPE to be writing about a Chiefs Super Bowl Championship this time next year...another Royals World Series would be great too!

We have some lofty goals for our company starting TOMORROW. We are hoping to continue to double our totals (we've done it every year we've been in business). Not saying that we will but that's what a goal is for, right? 

We are going to continue to work hard to improve our processes and keep giving everyone quality results. We really feel that our attention to detail, treating everyone respectfully and not rushing projects is the best way to do business. Speed in projects (like on TV shows) is great, but there's a lot to be said about making sure it's done right the first time.

We want to continue to set ourselves apart from the other contractors out there. Whether that's through design, attention to detail (big and small), or providing information to people who need help. We may not be the lowest bid you'll get but if you have a question you need help with, even if you did not choose us, don't be afraid to ask. 

Check out our booth at the Johnson County Home + Garden Show in January 22-24 as we go for back-to-back awards for "Best Use of a Small Space". Happy New Year! We hope to work with all of you in 2016! 

You need to provide WHAT?

Some things we all take for granted. The sun always (so far) comes up in the east for example. The other thing that we seem to get every time we go to homes for a initial visit? People thinking that they need to provide us with all sorts of special items for their project.

Blueprints I have yet to see. But people apologizing for having a "dirty" or "messy" house always seems to happen. Some folks hand draw things for us. Some people will measure out spaces. Recently we had an individual request a bid and said that we didn't need to come to their house because they could provide everything we needed. We trust you all, but it's always good to see the space you may be working on, plus some people have been known to struggle with basic measurement principles. But not you, you're good!

So what do we need from a client when we get to their house? We don't need detailed drawings and measurements, we'll take them if you want to give them out of course. You don't need to have all of the fixtures and paint picked out when you meet us. You don't need to know what the exact tile texture and color is. We will help you with all of those details. Basically, we just need to know what you would like to do with your project. We'll take all of the details you would like to provide, but in the end if you need for us to design a space from scratch because you have no clue what you want to do, we can do that!

 So don't let our visit to your home be stressful. Relax. Just talk with us and we'll go from there. Sound good?

The BEST part of working with KC Home Solutions

We can't imagine that there is a company out there that doesn't believe that they are the best at what they do. It doesn't matter if you are selling Kool-Aid powder, motivational posters or are a general contractor like us. If you don't think your company is, as the meme above mentions, "the best of the best," you likely won't be in business long.

So why use KC Home Solutions instead of the other guys out there? What sets us apart from all of the other contractors? Well, we like to think that our size makes a difference. Meaning, we aren't a huge company. You will literally meet everyone on our staff throughout your project. Most of our business comes from referral, which we greatly appreciate. We value communication and being there for our clients when they have questions. We also value flexibility with projects. Things can change, ideas pop up, needs may be altered mid project. It is your project, not ours, we want what you want.  

Another place that helps spread the word of KCHS is Angie's List. You may remember that we won not one but THREE Super Service Awards from Angie's List in 2014.

May not be the actual Super Service Award trophies won. We may not have received trophies at all from Angie's List. The awards we won are real though!

If you get the chance to meet our staff, leadership or team members, we like to laugh. At the same time we take all projects, from estimate to completion 100% serious. We certainly hope that you'll get a chance to meet us, we would love to meet you! Oh and don't worry, we probably won't play volleyball in your back yard...probably.

KC Home Solutions wins Angie's List Super Service Awards

To win an award that is heavily influenced by customers is a great achievement. To win three awards, well, that made us extremely proud. All of us here at KC Home Solutions were honored to be awarded three 2014 Super Service Awards by Angie's List. If you would like to read up on what it takes to win an award check it out on Angie's List website here.

The Angie's List Super Service Award honors excellence among service and health providers who maintain superior service ratings and reviews on Angie's List. The top 5% of qualifying businesses per category, in each market, receive the award. Those eligible are also required to have a background check.

We take these awards very seriously and it's our goal to continue to live up to them now and in to the future. Superior customer service and quality of work has always been our priority. Winning awards has never been our objective. Thank you from all of us at KC Home Solutions for these incredible honors!