Let Us Help You Avoid Costly Home Repairs

We would much rather you save your money for a project that you WANT to do, than one you do not. A few months ago we were called to replace some trim around a window, door frame and garage at a newer home. The homeowner had mentioned that they had previously had the same work done, not once but THREE separate times. They requested a specific type of composite trim that would never rot. We bid the job and it was approved. What we did not know at the time as that we had just signed on for a much larger project.

The long story short? When we removed the trim on the garage we found that the backing was rotted. As we removed the rotted material we found more and more damage. What was originally a project expected to be a few thousand dollars, ended up costs thousands more. What was the culprit? An improperly sealed light housing. A simple tube of caulking could have prevented everything.


The above pictures show details of our new maintenance program. Our objective is to become your eyes and ears for your home with 2 yearly interior and exterior inspections. We want to help you keep your home in good working order. Our hope is that we can continue to earn your trust and when you are ready to take on a project you WANT to do, you’ll give us the opportunity to do that work as well.

Call us for additional details of the maintenance program or to set up your plan today! Make sure to mention you found the details on our website.