When could you guys get started?

One question that we get most often among visits we take to homes to meet with potential clients is when could we get started? Basically, how booked up are you guys?

That would seem like a very straight forward question for most people, but for this industry it's somewhat loaded. Right now one of the biggest challenges that we and others like us are facing is a lack of people available to work for the trade companies, ie licensed electricians and plumbers. So when we call to try and set up some of those companies they are booked out two or sometimes even three weeks. It's frustrating to say the least, not just for us but the companies we are trying to contract with. They don't want to let us down and no one really likes turning down business. But you can't blame someone in this instance.

So the challenge for us becomes going through a quick schedule in our head of what work we have starting soon, how long those projects will take, the manpower we have available and then trying to guess how busy the trade companies are as well. In the end it's a good problem to have, needless to say. So bare with us if we seem to not really have a great answer to that specific question.