A Journey of Discovery

We mentioned it a little last Tuesday but today we want to give you more information. With the addition of our Interior Designer we have the ability to add another level of service to our clients. Our designer graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Interior Design. She has worked for a few different firms since graduation and has experience in virtually every aspect of home design. From kitchen remodeling to a complete addition and just about anything in between, she can work with anyone to help them pull out any concept they are looking for.

What are a few examples of things a client can request. Well a basic one dimension drawing like the picture above is a very basic way to start. She can also work and build a 2D drawing of a space based on your requested items and suggestions that can help you to visualize and see you project before work even begins.

Full design options for any scope of work can be requested. Call us to inquire about these options and the pricing associated with them. As we continue to grow we want to continue to become the company in Kansas City that provides the best options, best staff and best service...all under one roof!