What Would We Do Wednesday - Thursday Edition - KC Home Solutions

Considering that yesterday was April Fools Day, we did not want to give anyone a thought that our WWWDW article was a possible joke...so we are going with a Thursday edition! Hope you all don't mind the delay.

New kitchen cabinets can be expensive. While we have no problem at all helping clients with purchasing and installing new cabinets, it can definitely be more cost efficient to refinish cabinets.

The client kitchen above was what we are asked to help with. She had a list that actually included more than the cabinet refinishing, but it's always good to see where the project began.

Here's the finished kitchen. As mentioned above, we clearly did more than refinishing the cabinets. The homeowner requested the very popular "antique finish" look. We also removed center sections of a few doors and installed custom cut glass and in cabinet lighting. New hinges and pulls accented the look perfectly.  

This kitchen went from blending in to standing out. Of course the additional items we were asked to do helped to accent the refinish. We are pleased with how the project turned out and so was the homeowner. If we can help give you an estimate for remodeling your kitchen let us know!