KC Home Solutions - What Would We Do Wednesday (bathroom edition)

One of the coolest things about working for KC Home Solutions is that we get to see and hear about all of the trends in designs. We do our best to stay out in front of them as we can, but going to homes and hearing what customers want and their ideas can be really cool! 

The picture above reminds me of an estimate visit that we went to literally yesterday. The homeowner has a very small bathroom space and it is tucked in to an upstairs corner. Because of that the ceiling has a similar feel although a different angle. They are wanting to do a redesign of the space, making the room a touch larger. What I like about the above bathroom is the tile matched all the way around including the ceiling and the glass built in frame and door. Just proves that a small space doesn't mean that you have to settle for plain or ordinary.

Another trend that appears to be making a return is the dual fireplace between the master bathroom and bedroom. Can be both functional and artistic. I also really like the custom deep soaker tub and matching tile down the sides and walls. 

This last picture I wanted you to see is primarily for the flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring has become a request that we are now hearing a lot. It is completely waterproof and can provide the look of wood without the pain of upkeep. You can place this in any room and run it throughout the entire house to provide a seamless design look that ties the home together.